We provide a service to Five Acres High School from Parkend, Whitecroft, Yorkley &  Lydney.





Parkend, The Woodman Public House07.4016.00
Whitecroft, Old Post Office07.4515.55
Yorkley, The Bailey Inn07.5015.50
Lydney Bus Station,08.0015.40
Lydney, Bream Road (opposite Car Park)08.0515.35
Bream Community Library08.1015.30
Five Acres High School08.3015.10

From August 2020, we have a new on-line system of purchasing a seat on all school routes. We will be using an electronic system hosted by ShuttleID which means tickets can now only be purchased on-line.

Each student will be required to be registered via ShuttleID and the ticket for the required route purchased for that student. The student MUST scan their ticket each time they board the coach to travel. The ‘ticket’ can be physically printed or sent to the student’s phone.

With the introduction of ShuttleID, we have introduced a one-off admin fee of £20 which has been included in the monthly payments. We appreciate that the cost of school travel can be a burden but we have kept the increase to as minimal as we possibly could.

Annual Payments

We can still offer the cost saving option of paying annually which will give the student 1 months free travel (July 2022). This will need to be paid for via the office. We will then provide you with a voucher code so you then register your child on the ShuttleID system, a bar code will follow.

Annual Payments from 2020/2021 school year

If you have a balance left from last year’s travel due to COVID-19 and have requested that it be transferred over please contact us and we can reduce the annual payment accordingly. As above, you will pay via the office and will be provided with a voucher code.


If you wish to share the cost of a ticket with someone else, ie a family member you can purchase a voucher on the new system. You would each enter the voucher code and pay accordingly.

Benefits of ShuttleID ticketing

  • Track and trace – to comply with government guidelines we will know who has travelled on the coach on any one day ensuring that we have a solid track and trace system in place.

  • Safeguarding – we will know if your child has boarded the coach.

  • SMS based alerts – improved communication ensuring you are alerted to any delays or service issues for the route you have purchased a ticket for.

  • Effortless & secure payments – all on-line via Direct Debit.

  • No loss of ticket – 24/7 access to your ticket in the Passenger Portal. Ticket is scanned via phone or can be printed. Replacements will not be necessary as you can access it again.

  • Convenient ticket purchasing – no longer restricted to office hours, no paper forms, cashless.

  • Easy renewals – simply press a button to renew

  • Vouchers – for the split of the cost of the ticket

  • Simple, effective & time saving.

COVID Self Isolation

For periods of self isolation, we will expect payments to continue as the service is still available and the school remains open.

Notice of Cancellation

Should you wish to cancel your child’s transport, please be aware that we require one months notice. Failure to give us the correct period of notice will result in on-going payments.

Our school services are not available to the general public.

All coaches fitted with GPS tracking systems.

Please watch the step by step tutoral before registering:


To purchase a seat for this ROUTE  only, please click below:


To apply for a voucher please click the link below:


Any further questions, please click the link below for the ShuttleID help portal: